Boudoir Photography

It is time to praise your beauty, no matter your figure, I will change the perception of yourself.
Prepare to take a trip of self-discovery so that as a woman you can contemplate without complexes your reflection through my camera. Learn to love yourself as you are, enjoying the lights and shadows of your body.

Boudoir photography is a style of art that seeks glamor and beauty in combination with a subtle eroticism, where vulgarity is avoided. The goal is to make you feel like a work of art. Every detail is important clothes, makeup, and to make you feel comfortable. It is always sought that as a lady you live an experience where your natural beauty is exalted.


My name is Feliciano Espinosa, being a photographer is my passion. Unknowingly, my father sealed my destiny when I was born, by buying a professional camera to portray every moment of my life, inspiring me from a young age to look at the world from a camera lens.

With an everlasting admiration and love for women, I like to understand beyond the body. Praising her own perception of herself. It´s much more than a photoshoot, it´s a moment where you will be listened to and comprehended. Creating a unique lifetime experience, to help you see the beauty within you.

Travelling is another one of my passions, getting to know people from different parts of the world, learning a bit from every person I meet. This is very enriching, since it shows me the beauty of each place I go. By mixing these two passions I make each photoshoot in different, unique and charming locations.

Beside the day of the photoshoot, I like to go the extra mile, with advisory service during the selection of the clothing, props, make-up and theme.
Creating such an exclusive atmosphere, where you will feel comfortable, and self-confident. This is your moment to shine, see yourself in a new light and discover your most feminine side.

“Taking care of each detail, become into a work of art, breaking the barriers that hold you from transforming to the best version of yourself”